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    Can I cancel if I purchase more than one month at a time?
    Cancellations are accepted with a 30 day notice. 

    For in person sessions what is the cancellation policy?
    24 hour notice, if canceled less then 24 hours, payment for the session is required.

    What if my trainer has to cancel my session? Am I still charged?
    IF your trainer does not give you 24 hours notice to cancel your session, then you will receive a FREE training session.

    For virtual meetings what is the cancellation policy?
    24 hour notice. if canceled in less than 24 hours, payment for the session is required.

    How many times a week should I work out?
    We recommend 2 training sessions a week minimum in order to see results.

    Where did Angela get certified for personal training and nutrition coaching?
    International Sports Science Association (ISSA). She continues education through various courses and in person training.

    How long are the workouts?
    60 minutes 

    Do I need equipment for the workouts?
    Workouts are built for your personal goals and will be built around what you already have. Equipment is always more effective but not necessary to achieve goals.

    What if I have dietary restrictions for meal plans? (ie Gluten)
    Not a problem at all. All meal plans are personalized to your needs and schedule, so we work around you!

    Does walking count as exercise?
    YES! We encourage walking at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each time.

    What is cycle syncing?
    Learn more here

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